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Dispatch System In The Cloud

EA Taxi Dispatch System is an end to end solution for small to medium taxi companies at an affordable price. This system allows you to  have full control  of your customers,  booking, and drivers.  The system is  cloud based solution that can be accessed right away, anytime  anywhere with the  use of a browser. No  servers  or installation  needed.  This  system  was designed  to help  small  and medium taxi companies by providing all the features of a million dollar system at a fraction of the price.



Our  mobile  apps for  iPhone  and  Android   allow  your  drivers  to be in  control.  Our  apps  work  with   most smartphones. Just by downloading our app to their existing phone, drivers can begin working with our system without having to purchanse expensive tablets, devices, or GPS equipement.

In one day you can have your dispatchers and drivers in control without having to spend much money.