Cloud Based


EA Taxi Dispatch is a cloud based solution that can be accessed right away, anytime, anywhere. No servers or local installation needed. All you need is a computer with a browser and internet. You’ll be able to access from your office, home, and via your mobile device at any time. Being in the cloud allows us to scale out from small 2-3 cab companies to more than 100 cabs. You will always have our most up to date version with the latest features and updates.


End to End Solution


We offer an end to end solution for small and medium taxi companies. EA Taxi Dispatch will know who is calling, where they are, and who the closest driver to that customer is. Our smart map will display both drivers and customer locations. Our mobile app will allow drivers to view jobs, navigate to the address, call customers, and stay in touch with dispatchers.


Mobile Apps


Our Android and iOS apps are user friendly, easy to use, available in English/Spanish and extremely effective. Your drivers will be in control with the following features:

·        Driver login – Each driver has their own username and password that can be reset via the dispatch system.

·        Driver Status – Your drivers will be able to select from configurable statuses like, Active, Busy, Recess, etc. This reduces radio activity and allows your dispatchers to stay up to date and aware of what your drivers are doing.

·        Driver Queue – If needed, our mobile apps have the ability to inform drivers where in the queue they are.

·        Job Information – Drivers are able to view a history of their previous jobs.

·        Driver ID – If needed, our app can store and display a driver id or driver info.

·        Job Acceptance – Once a job has been assigned to a driver, a driver can either accept or decline the job.

·        Job Details – Drivers will be able to see the complete details of the assigned job like name, address, comments, etc.


·        Navigation – Our app will guide your driver to the pickup location. With integration to your map, drivers will be able to receive step by step navigation.

·        Call – Via our mobile app, you can allow your drivers to inform customers they have arrived via an automated call. The call will be initiated by the driver via our app and an automated call will be placed to customers in their preferred language (English, Spanish, Italian, etc.).


Integration with Company Phones


Whether you have physical land lines or VoIP (internet) telephone lines, we have the ability to integrate with either and will capture incoming call details. If you have physical landlines, we can connect to up to 8 lines. If you have VoIP (internet) telephone lines we will capture unencrypted SIP packets with call information. If your VoIP lines are encrypted, depending on your provider, we still might be able to integrate.


Address Autocomplete


We provide both a pre-loaded customer address database and an address lookup box. If the dispatcher is entering a new pickup location for either a new or existing customer, as the dispatcher types, our system will autofill the entry from a list of pre-loaded addresses in our database.


Customer Database and Information


All information entered into EA Taxi Dispatch System belongs to you and is available at any time. Existing customers will not have to repeat where they would like to be picked up. It remembers previous customers and previous jobs for reuse. You will also be able to see a list of all calls that came in, if they were picked up or ignored and a list of all pick up location addresses.


No Typing Needed


EA Taxi Dispatch is built for speed. Dispatchers will be able to answer calls, enter new jobs, and assign jobs with just a few clicks. Our solution is designed for heavy load and multiple jobs per minute.


Driver Zones and Queues


EA Taxi Dispatch allows you to have cabs in multiple zones, providing you a better ability to manage your fleet. It is also designed to have each zone ordered by a FIFO cab queue.




If your customer wants to be picked up at a later time, no problem EA Taxi Dispatch will allow you to schedule jobs at a later time. Our reservation feature is very flexible and highly configurable.


Driver and Job Status


Our innovative and visual job status, allows both your dispatcher and driver to stay in control and always know where in the job process everyone is. Easy to use, view and read. EA Taxi Dispatch will automate and simplify your dispatch process.


Customizable and Configurable


If EA Taxi Dispatch is not exactly what you need, no problem. We will be happy to work with you to make the necessary changes. Your business, your process, your system. Want to make calls? Don’t want to use texts? Do you have different job status or customer types? No problem. EA Taxi Dispatch is a highly configurable solution which allows you different options for almost everything.


Smart Map


Our smart maps are packed with information related to drivers, jobs, addresses, zones, and are very reliable and easy to read, and use.


Auto Assign Jobs


If you’re too busy to manage driver queues or manually assign jobs to drivers, you can use our Auto Assign feature, which will determine the closest driver to the customer and automatically assign that driver the job.



We have several reports available to you including a Jobs Report, Jobs per Hour and Jobs per driver.


Text Messages


We have a text message feature which will allow you to send a text message to a driver or to all your drivers.


Credit Cards


Our end to end solution includes the ability to receive credit cards. Our system can include a swiper device to be used on mobiles or tablets. This swiper, combined with an app with allow your drivers to receive credit cards and also has the potential for you to offer and accept loyalty cards. We offer very competitive rates and no additional monthly fee. At the end of day, once your driver completes the daily settlement, they will receive the money from these transactions to their bank accounts that same day.